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Telemedicine Project, Maatamoulana

ONG Terre Vivante

Name of ONG: Terre Vivante
Country: Mauritania
Field of intervention of your ONG: local development
Goal of project: promotion of the NTIC's in rural area

Principal objectives: The pilot project aims at the development of the applications of the TIC' S as regards to education, télémédecine, community Internet in the village of Matamoulana (south of Mauritania) which has already a basic infrastructure (access to the telephone GSM and connection Internet with high flow by mini-Vsat). The village of 3000 inhabitants has 3 primary schools, a college, a center of vocational training (under development) as well as university of teaching of the Arab culture. The village has one of the highest female education rate in Africa A health center animated by two professionals ensures the services for nearly 5 000 inhabitants (local population and surrounding villages).

Immediate objectives: to ensure the full use of the capacities installed to allow the populations to profit from the services associated with the ICT (Community Internet, visibility of the village community on the Web for the sharing of knowledge with the rest of the world in particular in the applications of tele-medicine and e-learning).

Impact of the Project:
1. remote diagnosis to avoid the expensive displacement of patients
2. Treatment of urgencies
3. Reinforcement of the capacities of the medical personnel

1. Training for foreign languages
2. Opening of prospects of diversification the programs for the traditional university to allow its modernization
3. To integrate applications Internet in school activities

Internet Community
1. Formation of the population on the applications of Internet and the information systems
2. facilitate to the e-access of the various layers of the population in particular the women and young people the local community activities (female handcraft ) by ensuring a visibility of there products on the Web (e-commerce)
4. To open the horizon of local associations (female co-operative, tie partnerships with the rest of the world)

Principal activities of the project:
? Telemedecine: it acts of a national project supported the canton of Geneva until September 2006. The personnel misses a minimum of equipment of diagnosis (Radio, echograph, laboratory biochemistry, emergency power unit 10 kcVa)
? e-learning: equipment of a center connected to the mini-Vsat. The center already has 4 PC, 4 printers and 1 photocopier gift of the embassy of the United States.These equipments are new. The needs are of 26 PC additional, 2 scanners, a printer network and a datashow and tis conection to the V-sat

  • Community Internet: the central pole will be a cybercafé managed by
  • the female co-operative. 40 PC connected to the minis-Vsat, printers network, 2 scanners and a datashow will be necessary to serve the needs for the village and the surroundings. The Web site of the village will be revised to make it possible to introduce the electronic trade and to ensure the safety of the transactions between the producers of the village and their prospect customers.

    Beneficiaires of the project:
    • Populations of the village of Matamoulana and the surroundings
    • socio-professional Organizations basic (female co-operative, hadcraftwomen, association of young people, educational community…)

    Potential partners:
    • Secretariat of State for New Technologies
    • Ministry for Health
    • Ministry for Education
    • United Nations

    Approximative cost in American dollar: $129 000

  • Télémédecine:$42 000
  • Educational television: $41 000
  • Community Internet: $46 000

  • Indicators of measurement of the performances:

  • Télémédecine: reduction of 40% of the medical evacuations
  • towards the capital
  • E-learning: do 100 people speakes a foreign language and control the text
  • processing and 500 piupels/students/teachers have recourse regularly to Internet for the reaserch purpose/e-learning/exchange with other institutions of teaching
  • Community Internet: 1000 people can use the electronic mail and Internet and increase in the sales turnover of the female co-operative by 35%

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