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HIV/AIDS public awareness in Riyad, Nouakchott.

HIV/AIDS public awareness in Riyad, Nouakchott.

Summary of Activities

NGO Living Earth, since its creation works for the development and the fight against poverty. Its action was strengthened with the passing of years thanks to the experiment on the ground. Its priorities however were centered on the fields which require an immediate action like the urban and rural environment, the popular economy, the drinking water, used water, the household refuse, the urgency, the AIDS with the aim of avoid "to a certain extent" the daily distress of the populations.

The pandemia of the AIDS becomes a priority, Living Earth centers its action in this field while considering the transverse aspect of the problems which are related to poverty, from where a problem of development.

One of the points which shows the success of the actions carried out in this field in the moughataas of El Mina, Sebkha, Dar Naim, Riyadh and Rosso is to have succeeds in linking associations in coordinations of multisector Community development.
This approach facilitated the investment of the young people, in the work of sensitizing which relates to them directly and car to educate itself while making take part the leaders in formations of Community relays.

An effective partnership with several NGOs allows a joint fight on the matter :
• The USAID (bottom of the ambassadors) for the moughataas of Sebkha and El Mina and with the Coordination of associations of Rosso.
• The National Committee of fight against the AIDS for the moughataas of Dar Naim and Riyadh.
The cleansing remains as in all the Third World countries, a problem to which Living Earth gives a detailed attention in order to improve the living conditions of the populations. Operations of scales are launched jointly with the following partners :
Oxfam - GB for the town of Rosso and the moughataas of El Mina and Sebkha with Nouakchott.
UNICEF for the moughataas of Dar naim
Aquassistance for Maatamoulana.

There are other programs in progress such as :
• Identification of alternative activities to the mine of Zouérate, (PRISM) in partnership with the Ministry for the mines and the World Bank.
• The fight counters poverty in the moughataa of Ould Yengé, (PASK)
• Drinkable water conveyance in the villages of Maatamoulana, Boughemoune, Moudkhale Sedgh
• The participative plannification with the young people of Rosso, financed by Enda within the framework of the program urban popular futurology.

• Formation in the management and the administration of the organized female co-operatives with Maatamoulana.
• Promotion of a garden of medicinal plants with Maatamoulana.

The development necessarily passes by female promotion it is within this framework that we set up a program of support at the female co-operatives of Rkiz in the fields of the truck farming, animal health and the elimination of illiteracy. One of the objectives of this project was to link the women in Union, which was made and it had its approval. Specific operations are also carried out time to others of which, most recent :

• Emergency help with the populations disaster victims following the torrential rains of the year 2003, the areas of Gorgol and Tiris-Zémour with the assistance of the Embassy of the United States of America.
• Clothes industry of 250 tents by the female co-operative of Maatamoulana, which enabled him to have a profit of two million ouguiyas and 18 sewing machines.

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